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Painting Rental Spaces

Did you know that there are many advantages to painting your rental spaces? A work environment that is beautiful and well-maintained will make employees want to be in that space. It will also have a positive influence on their mood. Revamping the paint and decor will also make a good impression on people who frequent the place.

Painting the Interior of Offices

Commercial interior painting work in a building where offices are located involves slightly different challenges.

Work Schedules

Asking for the complete closure of a company to carry out painting work is never a solution. This is also the case when it is possible to find a compromise that suits both parties. Companies specializing in interior commercial painting understand the significant financial stakes involved.

In general, check with the painters if they are available in the evenings and on weekends. This could represent a major advantage, if you are hesitating between two companies, for example. In addition, it will allow you to remain active and not experience unnecessary financial losses.

The commercial painter carries out the work during opening hours, allowing you to remain available for your employees and your customers. They try to be discreet and make as little noise as possible so that you can fully concentrate on your work.

Project managers try to check with the owner or business manager how it is possible to accommodate them. If a specific room is to be painted, the painting contractors will take advantage of the areas where it is not used to carry out the work. For offices occupied by employees, days of absence or vacation periods are excellent times to get work done.

Use of Specific Products

Odors from paint products can become bothersome. They can give you a headache and, if they contain chemicals, are toxic to your health. There is no chance to be taken, especially for people at risk such as asthmatics. Professional painters generally use odorless or low odor VOC-free products when executing interior commercial painting jobs.

Make sure the company you work with provides this much care to the health of their customers. This way, your employees will be able to concentrate and your own clients will not be inconvenienced. Safety remains the priority at all times.

Reduction of Work Time

As you can imagine, it's quicker to paint a completely empty room. However, professional painting contractors have the necessary tools to facilitate the work and increase the speed of execution.

It is best to develop a strategic work plan before beginning surface preparation. In this plan, each employee has a specific task to do and they know how to accomplish it.

Team spirit and communication are essential elements in the successful implementation of the action plan. 

A foreman is present on the premises in order to:

  • Supervise the overall work being done
  • Ensure that the techniques implemented are safe for painters and people circulating on the site
  • Check that the quality of the work is optimal
  • Ensure that the strategic plan is respected

Tous ces éléments contribuent finalement au respect de l’échéancier, tel qu’il en a été discuté au préalable.  

Reduced Drying Times

When possible, painting contractors use quick-drying paints as well as several fans. This reduces the drying time of the paint between the different coats.

When the weather is nice, it is possible to open the windows to ventilate the room. However, it's important to keep in mind that this is not always possible.

Do you want to paint your business sign?

The team of painters you will be working with must have certain lifting equipment in order to ensure flawless and safe work. Equipment such as motorized vehicles and lifting platforms make it possible to carry out the work efficiently.

You should also know that precision and dexterity are a significant asset, especially when painting clear and defined lines.

Obviously, on interior commercial painting sites, safety is paramount. The painting of elements at height is a component that requires reflection and a structured action plan. 

For your interior and exterior commercial painting projects, calling on an experienced painting contractor is a very wise choice. FinDecor combines know-how and meticulousness in each of the jobs carried out.